Yoga + Cannabis

The Sweet Feeling of Melting Away
Author: Tasha, FZT Assistant Manager

I found yoga 4 years ago and over the years, my passion for it has grown deeper. Now that Cannabis is legal, I love to combine the two together. Especially since I can pick and choose what strains work best for my body and mind. I tend to steer away from most sativas, they can give me a high that is a little too racy and that is not what I’m looking for. When I smoke I am looking for a relaxed feeling, not too relaxed where I melt into my couch, but relaxed enough that I can melt away into my body, my mind and my yoga mat. I find that indica hybrids work well for me. They help slow down my mind and relax my body.

A favorite of mine is TJ’s White Label. It is an Indica Hybrid crossed with Lezberado and Mountain Berry Kush. After taking some deep inhales of this strain, the taste of fresh blueberries hits my tongue, my mind starts to slow down, and my body craves some gentle movements.

Yoga moves my body and keeps my mind focused on my breath and how my body feels. I find my mat and roll it out. I lay flat on my back and that’s when my body begins to melt away. I take a few deep breaths and from there I pull one leg into my chest at a time, then hug them both close to my body creating a full body squeeze. After that I rock forward and back massaging my spine and when I gain enough momentum I come to standing on my two feet at the top of my mat folding forward over my legs flowing with other movements my body is craving. With the help of TJ’s White Label I am able to quiet my mind and focus on what movements my body craves. Smoking this strain helps me be present in the moment and present in my body which allows me to fully enjoy the ride of my high.