Strain Highlight – TJ’s Organic Chocolate Kush

Strain Highlight: Chocolate Kush
Produced by: TJ’s Gardens
Author: Andrew, FZT Assistant Manager.

It was a day for the record books, Mother’s Day 2017, the sun was out in full force basking us in warm sunshine, the birds were singing – you get the idea. We were hiking along the Hobbit trail, which meanders for several scenic miles along the Oregon coast, just north of Florence, Oregon. We stopped to take in the view from the top of a particularly picturesque switchback and I decided it was prime time to bust out the ol’ nug jug.

In the stash today was Chocolate Kush from TJ’s Gardens, a Sativa dominant hybrid composed of Chocolope and Kosher Kush. The flower expressed hues from light green to lavender, the buds, a nice blend between compact dense Indica and a light fluffy sativa structure. The smell consisted of Chocolate notes at first, fading to that skunk funk we have come to love.

This flower demanded to be smoked. I loaded a bowl in my trusty glass pipe and lit up some hemp wick. Upon the first hit I was taken aback by the smooth hit and hashy flavor. The ash turned a beautiful white, which is indicative of properly grown cannabis. The first effects came on rather quickly, building a clear yet intense head high that faded into a state of euphoric clarity that enhanced the beauty of the day.

As we continued along the trail, the Chocolate Kush proved to be the perfect companion, keeping us company as we saw deer, and a pod of whales making their way up the coast. The sativa dominant high stayed with us until the end of the day, where it faded away into a slightly tired feeling of completion and a day well spent.

Grower Shout out: TJ’s Gardens, headquartered in Eugene, Oregon consistently provides beautiful and responsibly grown cannabis products. By implementing responsible growing, respect for the plant and nature, and the passion for helping others, TJ’s has walked away with multiple awards and is regarded as one of the best operations around.