Are You a Strain Hunter? You Should Be.

Strain Hunting for the Budtender and Consumer
Author: Craigger, FZT Training Specialist

Cannabis may not be for everyone. Like anything, some things are just not suited for others. If you take the time to do the research you will likely find a strain that best suits you.

Budtending is an important career. Budtenders need to know and understand strains so they can educate and guide consumers in the right direction and avoid any negative issues. Creating an overall delightful consumer experience is the goal. Budtenders that guide individuals in the right direction will achieve that goal and see repeat, happy consumers that value the direction given.

Strain hunting is the process of finding specific cannabis sativa or cannabis indica strains which work well for the individual using cannabis as a medicine or for personal use.

The Process

1st Step: Find a reliable resource in your area as a reference point (i.e. Leafly, Weed Maps,, Google, etc.). These sites and resources offer detailed information about many of the strains you will come across.

2nd Step: What has worked well in the past? If you’re new or a first timer, try small amounts of new strains to see what works best. I recommend 1 gram to start your journey.

3rd Step: Research strains you have tried. Try crosses of that strain. Try the parents of your selected strain. Break down the lineage.

For example: I enjoy OG Kush, which is one you will find in strains like Girl Scout Cookie or Fire OG. Both are parented by OG Kush. Because of that, you’ll find similar effects overall between OG Kush, GSC and Fire OG. These strains would also be a great alternative if you can’t find OG Kush.

Repeat above steps for success with any strain you may entertain. Look at your dispensary’s menu and do the research. Call and ask questions before making a purchase. Keep in mind Phenotypes (the way it leans or is dominate, indica or sativa).

Strain hunting is all about finding what strain works best for the individual seeking to help with whatever ails them. Even if the individual just wants to get high, it is very important to know and understand the differences between cannabis sativa strains, cannabis indica strains and hybrids. Like all things in this world, there are pros and cons that apply in cannabis. Cannabis has been known to trigger negative effects within individuals that smoke or ingest cannabis products. However, these can be avoided if the individual researches and understands what strain of cannabis they are after.